The Stroogle in Space

32 pages with colour illustrations. ISBN:9780975670194

“Stroogle… We have a problem!”

The ratbag Pie Rats make their anticipated return in the Stroogle’s sixth epic adventure, The Stroogle in Space. Six years in the making, this story was inspired by the author’s love of the night sky and presents space facts with a clever dairy twist.

After receiving a distress call from outer space, the Stroogle blasts off in his homemade rocket on a rescue mission to the moon:

An SOS echoed from high in the heavens;
a cry from the Milk-Bots to come save the day.
"The Pie Rats have landed. Can anyone save us?
They're making a mess of our grand Milky Way!"

Outnumbered (but never outsmarted) the Stroogle challenges the Pie Rats to the ultimate space showdown; a Milky Way milkshake competition! Watch out for dark chocolate black holes, stinky cheese asteroids and other dairy delights in the galactic search for marvellous milkshake ingredients.

For the interactive learners, there are hidden space slugs to find and a super space puzzle to solve once you have read the story. You might even see the author’s daughter hidden in the background of each illustration!